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Biophilic interior trends

It’s not just plants that are bringing the biophilic vibes. Inviting the outdoors in can be achieved in a variety of creative ways with interiors seeing a collective drive towards more natural materials such as sustainable and ethically harvested wood, stone and terracotta; all surfaces that either mimic the outside world or are derived from raw materials found on the planet. 

One of our core values here at Heritage53 is respect for the interconnectedness of life and working with brands that have a commitment to the environment has been crucial in our curation process. Take a browse on our website or stay here for a selection of exquisitely designed and considered pieces that hold a connection to nature.

Wood Panelling

With echoes of the past and a sense of heritage wood panelling has seen a massive resurgence recently. Being enveloped in the rich warmth of wood might not quite beat a Shinrin-roku (forest bathing) experience but can feel like a hug from nature in your own home. Sustainable wood such as oak, ash and walnut is a great choice. 

Here wood panelling has been created by salvage experts Retrouvius to give serious members’ club vibe to this glamorous emerald green and gold cocktail bar. 

American designer Kelly Wearstler took over a Malibu beach house during the pandemic decorating the interiors in her totally eclectic style. We adore the mid-century wood panelling here and of course her use of tropical palms and lush greenery that adds life to the space. 

Kelly Wearstler Malibu home wood walls wal264.broad_beach.kw_malibu_2020_0910500_0
Floor tiles from Elle Deco Photographer Krista Keltanen_Living Inside

Terracotta tiles

Many fincas and homes in Ibiza feature terracotta tiles on the floors but why stick to tradition? 

For something a bit more contemporary and modern, check out the new Parisian eatery La Gare, designer Laura Gonzalez puts three-dimensional “cotto” (terra-cotta) tiles from the Fornaci Brioni x Cristina Celestino collection which are made of clay sourced from the River Po floodplain.  

Elsewhere deeper more traditional shades of orange feature on the floor.

Colour Palettes

Whilst we all embrace more colour, burnished earthy tones such as smoky cognac, sienna and burnished amber make us feel at peace and nourished. The rich iron red soil of Ibiza is giving us all life at the moment. 

These terracotta painted walls on the exterior and intricately detailed ceiling inside Axel Vervoodt’s home in an old palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice, as featured in Architectural Digest are just dreamy.  Whilst these are grand proportions, they work just as wonderfully in a smaller apartment space. Just ask one of our team who limestone effect paint in her tiny hallway:)


Sacred objects

A morning spent foraging for pieces such as sticks, pebbles, shells and greenery can all provide a treasure trove of art and sculptural pieces as well as remind us to return to our inner child, free and in the wonder of the ordinary everyday.


Swathe yourself in delicious earth coloured linens, Los Enamorados feature them in each of their boutique rooms. Look to bamboo linens too -especially those from sustainably grown and ethically farmed sources. Perfect for those hot steamy summer nights.

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 12.39.09

Ibiza spaces that feature biophilic design

Our beautiful little island of Ibiza has its own powerful ecosystem provided by the dense prairies of the oceanic Posidonia (Seagrass) that cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, the sea beds of Ibiza and Formentera which are home to the seagrass meadows that are over 1000,000 years old have been declared a  World Heritage by UNESCO.

That is why the work that Ibiza Preservation do is so essential, so please do follow their work and share the love @ibizapreservation.

Living so close to nature is a privilege and on our days off or sometimes even for our office meetings we like to head to The Oku hotel. With its incredible nature-inspired design and elements of biophilia throughout it makes us feel instantly more creative. 

Here are our team picks of the few pieces we think represent nature.

The magic roundabout

Watch in a trance as the hypnotic circles twirl round and round within the wood grain of the Urban coffee table, an iconic piece from Eichholtz, a brand synonymous with quality craftsmanship and a flair for decadence.


Enhance your fifty shades of grey with the deeply moving black root coffee table by Dareels. Created in suar wood as lava emerges on the earth’s surfaces and begins to cool down fascinating cracks and fractures begin to appear. The process is known as columnar jointing where nature has radically transformed from one form to another. Reminiscent of this raw and powerful volcanic activity, the black root coffee table seduces you into low-level lounging. An incredible addition to any stylish interior.

Dareels is committed to sustainability with an unrelenting drive to lower the impact of mass consumerism, the founders of Dareels seek to always create beautiful minimalist pieces whilst always honouring the people and the environment. 

Wood Tailors Club

Wood Tailors Club

Wood Tailors Club

Good wood by The Wood Tailors Club

The Wood Tailors Club is a brand we adore not just for their intricate designs but a commitment to the environment. The designs are part of a highly collaborative process between their team of designers and highly skilled craftspeople and for each piece made, two trees are planted in honour of the ongoing cultivation of nature’s finest material, wood. 

The seductive warmth of wood is undeniable and here we see in the Roberts Centre Table how heavy solid walnut is curved into a  delicious design shape that will breathe a sensuous refinement to your interior.  

Inspired by the legendary and brave Robert Falcon Scott, a British Royal Navy officer who led two expeditions to the Antarctic regions and though the second expedition ended in tragedy, Roberts and his team were found with the first Antarctic fossils ever discovered which proved that the Antarctic was once forested and joined to other continents. 

For more sustainable designs from The Wood Tailors Club head to Heritage53 and evoke mystery with your own version of a members club; we like ours super inclusive so come as you are.

Rug Society

After such a tumultuous time we all crave comfort and security in the very ground beneath our feet. What greater luxury than to feel the depths of a beautiful rug underneath you and one that is inspired by nature. Drawing from the Agata, a type of quartz that occurs like nodules in eruptive rocks and when cut displays its inner beauty, the Agatha modern rug emulates the imperfect perfection of the stone and in doing so brings its transformative power to any home.


Enter the inner realms of Heritage53 for stories of beautiful spaces, inspiration and an amalgamation of furniture and design trends.

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