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Where Columbian craft meets modern design

Vibrant and bursting with joy, Ames is a brand with a passion for life. Founder Ana Maria Calderón Kayser was born in Columbia and was always fascinated by traditional arts and crafts. As a teenager, she lived in Germany for a year with a family that owned a furniture factory and was able to witness first-hand the manufacturing process. In 2001, she moved permanently to Germany and five years later set up Ames with her husband. At the heart of the company was a simple mission; to bring the ancient artisanal techniques of Columbia to a new world stage via exciting and dynamic collaborations with designers such as Sebastian Herkner, Cristina Celestino, Mae Engelgeer and Pauline Deltour who pay homage to Colombia’s beautiful landscapes, colours and textures. Working only with small family-run ateliers, Ames has sustainability at the core of its vision ensuring that the environment is considered at every stage and leaving behind a legacy of love and exuberant pieces for you to enjoy in your home.

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