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“We believe that life is too short to waste time on boring or disposable products. We want people to love the spaces where they go and where they live.” 

by DAM Team


Founders Joana Santos and Hugo Silva, both graduates and masters in Design from the University of  Aveiro in Portugal, shared a vision of creating a sustainable brand that celebrated their beloved country’s rich heritage and culture whilst utilising greener natural resources and so in 2013 Dam was founded. 

Determined to design into reality furniture and accessories that dance in alignment with the earth’s natural resources whilst pushing the high-tech boundaries of innovation and fun can be seen in each piece. 

Raw materials such as the humble cork and ethically sourced timber have been a lifeline to shaping Dam into the inspirational brand that it is today, whilst the designers strive to infuse their emotions of happiness and joy found in the simple every day into each individual piece creating stories as unique as the homes they find themselves in. Let your home rejoice and experience Dam today.

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