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Indulge your Mid-Century design obsession with sublime pieces that take you on a time travelling journey back to the future via the design vaults of 20th Century Modernism. Sleek geometric lines, organic forms, innovative futuristic materials that sought to create an exhilarating contrast were some of the characteristics that came to define the Mid-Century movement. 

Ever evolving ESSENTIAL HOME has devoted itself to continuing this progression with its own exciting luxe interpretation. Their design fever is expressed in the ubiquitous cinematic and architectural references within the collections. Handmade to meticulous standards, ESSENTIAL HOME offers infinite possibilities to adapt the design to your personal taste, enabling you to create your own unique Mid Century realm. Let Heritage53 open you up to a journey of revelation, creativity and expression with timeless pieces made just for you, by you.


Enter the inner realms of Heritage53 for stories of beautiful spaces, inspiration and an amalgamation of furniture and design trends.

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