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Working against the tide of conformity, radical 60s design house GUFRAM continues to expand interior horizons with more than just the illustrious BOCCA lips sofa in its POP ART Universe.

Originally founded in 1966 by the Fratelli Gugliermetto brothers in Turin, Italy, GUFRAM  became known for its Pop Art-influenced furniture pieces during the 1970s, and was an integral part of the Italian Radical Design movement.  Many of these are still in production, and feature in the collections of museums around the world including New York’s MoMA and Met, Vitra Design Museum, Milan’s Triennale, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.  Whilst Salvador Dali may have been the first to have imagined lips as seating, the BOCCA’s origins were very different. They were created for an interiors project inspired by the absolute abstraction of beauty and were intended to transform a room into a surrealist space. Since then the BOCCA has been reinvented to encompass a technicolour rainbow of colours and one of our favourites here at Heritage53, the seventies tinged super luxe bouclé wool. Under the helm of new owners since 2012 the preservation of the brands original principles and techniques have been a driving force in a reimagined GUFRAM world of alternate perspectives always painted with splashes of irony and humour to create the ultimate conversation point in your home.

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