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Karl Andersson & Söner

Iconic sustainable Scandinavian furniture with a heritage of heart and soul. 

Back in 1898, carpentry master, Karl Andersson had a radical idea to create what he termed “sustainable and durable” furniture that honoured the environment; a visionary concept for the time. A pioneer in many respects Andersson started off in his parents home village of Berghem in the south of Sweden, converting a room in their home into a small workshop. The work grew as did his reputation for being the finest albeit most expensive craftsman in the district. Andersson and his wife Ida were blessed with five sons and six daughters and they also fostered another child. Four of his sons inherited the same passion as their father for the business and today four generation on the company still remains a family business with Anderssons’ grandchildren at the helm. 

Clean lines that sometimes move into simple undulating curves combined with a netral colour palette in wood are what defines the brands design DNA. Another part of the success and evolution lies in the numerous dynamic collaborations with designers. In 1955  Danish architect and designer, Børge Mogensen designed the Øresund series of tables, cabinets and chairs and today these are still being manufactured whilst the original pieces from the 50s can still be sourced by expert collectors, testimony to the profound nature of all things that are made with a sustainable heart and soul.

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