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Mathys by Bols

Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau believed childhood  should be revered, observing that it is  the “sleep of reason”. Such enlightened conviction in the power of play for children is at the centre of Mathys By Bols philosophy. The Eco- Friendly Belgium brand that has been around since 1987, makes uniquely magical designs that enable your little ones, whether they are toddlers, children  or young independent teenagers; a space within which to experiment, explore and interact with the ideas behind as well as the pieces themselves. Meticulously hand crafted by Master Artisans and designers that desire nothing more than to facilitate and spark your little ones imagination and utter eyes wide open delight. Imagination is after all the essence of the human mind and by choosing a piece of Mathys By Bol you help to unlock great minds for a future generation built on hope.

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