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Touch is everything. It is our first sensation even as an infant; a primal desire to connect and above all feel safe. Norki are purveyors of touch in the interiors world through their fine collection of luxurious hides, furs, wall coverings and something that has got us all excited, upholstered vintage furniture. As with all things Heritage53 we adore Norki for more than just their hygge approved Nordic aesthetics. A family run company based in Strasbourg, we adore how every piece is anchored in quality, exquisite craftsmanship and design. Each piece is sourced according to the authentic geography of the particular skins and furs and once in the workshops a team of highly skilled seamstresses and artisans go to work on the pieces checking each component meticulously. The plethora of options from neutral to bold dont just stop there. Create and curate your own intimate interiors story by sharing your vision of colours and design; the ultimate in luxury for your dream sanctuary. 

With clients and collaborations spanning  architects and renowned designers including Jacques Garcia, Philippe Starck, and Nathalie Ryan who refurbished the Dior boutiques, you surely will be in the best company.


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