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Red Edition

The nonchalant art of living with joy. Inspired by his time in Vietnam and deeply touched by the nobility of local artisans and the craftsmanship passed through the generations, Founder of Red Edition, Cyril Laborbe sought to weave his sense of reverence and appreciation into his designs and company ethos. The magic of connection within the digital realms has simplified our access not only to each other but cultures from around the world. These fundamental elements cultivated by Laborbe appear in every increment of the Red Edition process. The design process takes place in Paris, the manufacturing in Saigon and Red Edition now has outposts across the world, including in Ibiza through Heritage53. This amalgamation of styles and cultures is expressed within a jewel box of rich colours and materials such as ratan or “rotang” as it is termed in the Philippines. Combining  a nonchalant French style and vintage glamour, Red Edition pieces captivate with their rustic elegance and joy de vivre.


Enter the inner realms of Heritage53 for stories of beautiful spaces, inspiration and an amalgamation of furniture and design trends.

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