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Rug Society

Transforming rugs into breathtaking pieces of timeless art. Heritage informed, each piece is crafted using exquisite craftsmanship and techniques enabling a legacy of Master Artisans to continue thriving. 

The ground beneath your feet needs to feel comforting and secure, what greater luxury than to feel the depths of a beautiful rug underneath you. Rugs have been used through the centuries and around the world as more than just coverings, they have been used as translating poetry by weaving epic stories of love and life, nature and mysticism through various symbols and patterns. Here at Heritage53 we understand the transformative and profound power of a rug to elevate and lift a space. That’s why we adore the kaleidoscope of designs from purveyors of fine rugs, Portugues brand, The Rug Society. Various techniques such as Each of their collections are inspired by the world we live in, culture, the arts, the environment and people. A riot of colours, textures and concepts allows you to create a bespoke design personal to you and our home. 

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