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Slip into island life no matter where in the world you are by connecting to nature through the raw beauty of sustainable rattan furniture by Danish heritage brand, Sika. Named after the nimble and light-footed Sika deer, the company was conceived in 1942 by founder Ankjaer Andreasen during the harsh realities of World War II. It was in the depths of mass unemployment and faced with a shortage of materials that Andreasen turned to straw left behind after harvest and reeds from marshes to create baskets.  Soon he began to work with artisan wicker makers which developed into small scale furniture production. A trip to Malaysia in the 1970s resulted in the purchase of land which was developed into a space for rattan production. From then on Sika experienced exponential growth with the legacy continuing through three generations of the family who not only took the helm but brought dynamic innovation to every era. With such a  passion for rattan, Sika obtained the rights to honour some of Europes most prolific architects and designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, Viggo Boesen and Franco Albini by revitalising their key pieces working closely to the descendants of these renowned furniture makers. Experience the magic of timeless elegance woven into the very DNA of each and every Sika creation for yourself today.


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