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Vincent Sheppard

Surrender to moments and memories in legendary seating created to embrace you and  your loved ones. Take a seat on any roof top members club, romantic cliff top hotel or villa around the world and chances are that you’re positioned ever so comfortably into a Vincent Sheppard chair. The iconic pieces are crafted in reverence to time honoured traditions  and practises from the Cirebonese peoples of Indonesia. Techniques such as Lloyd loom where Kraft paper is twisted meticulously and artfully around a metal wire and woven into the unique furniture has elevated Vincent Sheppard into global leaders in this realm as well as preserving an ancient art. This circle is completed by a team of designers, painters and seamstresses who work harmoniously together in the studios located back in Belgium. 

Transparency of the design and manufacturing process whilst consciously considering the effects on the planet and for the people has been a main pillar of the brands philosophy. Passionate about transparency within this whole chain of design and manufacturing is central to the ethos and philosophy of the brand and in 1992 they were awarded the FSCO label by the Forest Stewardship Council, a symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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