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Wood Tailors Club

The highly seductive art of bold craftsmanship. Synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship the  WOOD TAILORS CLUB has been envisioning and creating its exquisite pieces of handcrafted furniture for over 10 decades now. A collective collaboration between designers and craftspeople, the pieces are made with only the most sustainable and noble of wood. Such is the commitment to the environment that for each individual piece crafted, two trees are planted to honour and support the ongoing cultivation of nature’s finest material, wood. 


Heavy solid wood curved into delicious design shapes breath a sensuous undertone to any space whilst the defined styles whisper of top secrets held in many smokey chambers. Reinvent your own version of a Gentlemans club with any of these pieces, sure to implore you into a conspiratorial state of mind.  A very grown up playground for any adult to indulge in.


Enter the inner realms of Heritage53 for stories of beautiful spaces, inspiration and an amalgamation of furniture and design trends.

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