Illuminate your home with our private at home consultancy service, by appointment only.

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Welcome to the Studio where we collaborate and create with you and for you to capture your dream home through our styling and sourcing services. Always keeping you on the cutting edge of design at all times.

Velvet Rope



Looking for something totally extraordinary and unique?

We have a range of highly exclusive designer brands and luxe pieces that are only available offline and in our infamous little green book of Heritage53 gems. Often these are limited edition or highly sought after iconic vintage pieces. To access the secrets we hold beyond our Velvet Rope please contact us directly.


We all need a fresh perspective at times especially when it comes to having that Architectural Digest inspired home.
With an array of dizzying choices, knowing what goes with what can be overwhelming which is why booking a personalised consultation with us is a sure thing. Our team can arrange
to consult with you in person or online. Whichever you choose, our in-depth knowledge of international brands and proficiency means we can help you curate the most fabulous of spaces and showcase who you really are.


*For a limited time only we are offering this as a complimentary session. Please note at home appointments are in Ibiza only unless otherwise arranged.


Enter the inner realms of Heritage53 for stories of beautiful spaces, inspiration and an amalgamation of furniture and design trends.

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